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September 2022

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Board Meeting 

Sept 1, 2022 

127 Scenic Oak Dr. 

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm. Quorum established. 

Board Members present: Philip Vipond, President; Art Morgan, 1st V.P.; Jim Mylius, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Sec. 

Absent Nancy Wall, 2nd V.P. 

Non board member present: Charlie Johns, ACC Chair. 

Secretary's Report: The minutes from July 28, 2022 presented to the board members. Jim Mylius made a motion that  the minutes be accepted as presented, Art Morgan 2nd. Motion passed 4 -0.

Treasurer's Report: 

July 31, 2022- 

Deposits: $735.87 Debits: $649.35  

Checking balance: $20,507.46 Edward Jones :( 6/24/2022) $37,996.81 

Total Balance: $58,504.27  

August 31, 2022  

Deposits: $400.00 Debits: $1132.97  Checking balance: $19,774.49 Edward Jones :( 6/24/2022) $37,996.81 

Total Balance: $57,771.30


Motion made to accept by Philip Vipond, seconded by Art Morgan. Motion passed 4-0 

A.C.C. Report-request for privacy, pipe fence and a well and storage tank. 

One new violation discussed. 

Old Business: 

• 214 Palo Verde, (DOV 3-11-2020) Philip made a motion to credit Mr. Rodriguez account the fine of $1,500 due to  the fact he moved the structure in the agreed time period. Art 2nd . Motion passed 4-0 

New Business: 

  • Theresa made a motion to move from Attorney Nohl Bryant to Attorney Amy McLin for the association. Jim  seconded. Motion passed 4-0. 

  • Theresa made a motion to change the word “vote” to “appoint “in the May 26, 2022 minutes to fill the  remaining time of the vacant board position. The motion will be worded, “Jim Mylius made a motion to appoint Nancy Wall as a board member, 2nd by Theresa Morehous. Motion passed 4-0. Nancy will fill the 2nd V. P.  position on the board of directors.”  Art 2nd, motion passed 4-0.

  • Philip made a motion to accept the renewal of the general liability and director insurance from Insurica Ins. in  the amount of $6,377 and accept the $10 terrorism insurance. 2nd by Jim, motion passed 4-0. 

  • Philip made a motion to increase the resale transfer fee to $325 and the POA Title transfer of ownership to $75.  Jim 2nd, motion passed 4-0. 

Next meeting is Oct 6, at 6:00pm 

Philip made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:30pm and Art 2 nd. Motion passed 4-0

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