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October 2021

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Board Meeting

October 25, 2021

127 Scenic Oak

Meeting called to order at 6:06pm. Quorum established.

Board Members present: Philip Vipond, President; Charlie Johns, 2nd Vice President; Karen Turner, Treasurer; Will Matay, Board member, Art Morgan, 1st VP; Theresa Morehous, Sec; Rebecca Hopp, Welcoming committee chair. Brian Morehous, property owner

Mistake was made at the annual meeting in February 2021 of adding a 6th board position without following the protocol in the By-Laws Art 4.1. Philip made a motion that we reluctantly remove Will Matay, 6th board position, from the board to be in compliance of Art 4.1 of the By-Laws. Karen seconded. Motion passed 5-0.

Will was asked if he still wanted to take care of the website, but he said no.

Secretary's Report: The minutes from Sept 9, 2021 have been previously distributed by email to the board members. Karen reported a correction of the financial report dated 9/9/21 Deposit $200.00; Debits: $335.46

Checking balance 9/9 $19,885.98 E Jones 9/9 (+.31) $39,009.13 Report bal: $58,895.11 The -$199.69 discrepancy from the Sept treasurer’s report can be explained by the addition of a deposit of $200.00 that was pending. It should have not been included. The automatic addition of the $.31 to the Edward Jones balance then gave the impression that there was $199.69 missing from the report. 

Art Morgan made a motion that the minutes be approved as corrected. Charlie Johns seconded. Motion passed 5-0.

Treasurer's Report: Deposits: $800.00  Debits: $6,689.48

Checking balance: $13,596.50 Edward Jones: $39,009.74 (+.43) Report balance: $52,606.24

Motion made to accept by Philip Vipond, seconded by Art Morgan. Motion passed 5-0.

A.C.C. Report: Report of dogs chasing people on Sky Hawk Lane. Karen will talk to owners.

18 wheeler on 775 has been honking horn, running engine late at night and blocking the highway. Charlie and Philip will meet with Mr. Chapa about this matter.

New home going up on 775.

Welcoming Committee: Yard of the month is 170 Montesito, photo on website.

2 packets dropped at 122 Montesito and 259 S Palo Alto Dr.

2 pending packets for 10334 FM 775 and 102 S Palo Alto Dr.

New contact forms have not been returned. Karen will try to get information before a resale certificate is issued.

Old Business:

  • 218 Palo Verde, still nothing has been done. (DOV 3-11-2020) Attorney sent a letter and imposed a fine of $1,500. Attorney sent a letter and no response. He will send a second letter this week.

  • Delinquent back maintenance, admin fees, and attorney fees for two homeowners who have ignored us. All agreed to initiate foreclosure proceedings through our attorney. Attorney has called both property owners and received no reply. He will follow up again.

  • 126 Encino $500 fine imposed, sent to attorney. Owner did not pick up certified letter but the fine will stand. Philip had talked to property owner and contractor. Owner could not evict occupants due to Covid rules. Owner is planning on moving into home, presently having trouble getting supplies. Philip will check property to see progress. (DOV 2/21)

  • 145 Chaparral – Discussion of demand letter from Ms. Wright and her attorney. Discussed section 4.04 of the CCR’s. Two letters sent to Ms. Wright’s attorney and no response. EECPOA attorney will send another letter this week.

  • Will table how we track and keep up with fines for now. Philip found an accounting program that may be helpful. He will bring samples of it next meeting.

  • Encino dr pet pigs/piglets – no violation letter sent, Charlie will email owners (DOV 9/21)

  • Encino chickens-owner informed would be fine if he did not remove chickens. Owner got rid of chickens.

New Business:

  • Facebook pages- Rebecca will close private account

  • Website- Sandy will be contacted to make corrections and update website.

  • Community yard sale- did not get much traffic. Next year will put in WCN only and for Saturday only.

  • Barking dogs on 239 S Palo Alto Dr. Dogs start barking continuously. Several neighbors making comments. Art will talk with owners.

Art made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:04pm., Philip seconded. Motion passed 5-0

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