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August 26, 2019

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Meeting called to order at 6:20 p.m.  Quorum established
231 S. Palo Alto Dr., Floresville, Texas 78114

Board members present: Philip Vipond, President; Art Morgan, 1st Vice President; Charlie Johns, 2nd Vice President; Karen Turner, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Secretary, Brian Morehous, home owner

Secretary’s report:    Minutes were read from July 15, 2019.  Motion was made to accept as read by Art Morgan and seconded by Charlie Johns.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report:
Beginning balance 07/15/19: $50,576.56; deposits $609.54, debits $415.01
Checking balance: $14,334.80; Savings balance $2,529.19
Edward Jones: $35,446.32
Report balance: $52,310.28 as of 8/26/19.
Motion made to accept report by Art Morgan and seconded by Philip Vipond.  Motion passed 5-0

Dogs on Chaparral attacked a dog again.  Philip will get copies of letters sent to homeowner to attorney.  Two past due maintenance accounts sent to attorney.

ACC:  1 request for garage. 

New Business: 

Discussion of cancellation of WordPress monthly service.   Phone conference with web designer, discussed proposal of web design.  Karen made a motion to cancel the WordPress monthly service and Blue Host service and to accept the web site design by Sandy Clifton in the amount of $2,563.00 and she will give us a free year of hosting.  Seconded by Art Morgan. Motion passed 5-0 

Next meeting:     Sept 23rd at 6:15.

Karen made a motion to adjourn meeting 7:15 p.m. Art seconded. Motion passed

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