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August 2021

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Board Meeting

Aug 2, 2021

243 S Palo Alto Dr

Meeting called to order at 6:03pm. Quorum established.

Board Members present: Philip Vipond, President; Charlie Johns, 2nd Vice President; Karen Turner, Treasurer; Will Matay, Board member. Absent, Art Morgan, 1st VP; Theresa Morehous, Sec; Rebecca Hopp, Welcoming committee chair.

Secretary's Report: Minutes read from June, 28, 2021. Motion to accept as read by Will, seconded by Charlie. Motion passed 4-0.

Treasurer's Report: Beginning balance $58,738.11  Deposits: $400.00  Debits: $318.60

Checking balance: $20,021.44 Edward Jones: $39,008.82 Ending balance: $59,030.26

Motion made to accept by Philip, seconded by will. Motion passed 4-0.

A.C.C.'s report: request to extend driveway to add a basketball court at 111 Encino, approved; Barn at 238 S Palo Alto was checked and is in compliance.

Welcoming committee report via email: 2 new property owners received a welcoming packet, 186 Montesito Ln and 114 Encino. As new owners take possession of sold properties, Tres advises Welcoming committee chair.

Old Business:

  • 218 Palo Verde, still nothing has been done. (OCD 3-11-2020) Attorney send letter and impose fine of $1,500.

  • Delinquent back maintenance, admin fees, and attorney fees for two homeowners who have ignored us. All agreed to initiate foreclosure proceedings through our attorney.

  • 126 Encino $500 fine imposed, send to attorney.

  • 145 Chaparral - homeowner requested house plans in addition to the other information which was requested prior and which was provided per New Business at June 28, 2021 meeting. Discussion ensued. As we do not keep house plans after approval, our response will be that we must deny this request due to us not being able to provide them.

  • Charlie visited homeowner with large garage on Chaparral and concluded that there is not a business being conducted from there, which in itself is not against the CCR's; homeowner stated that he does not test drive cars down Chaparral as the road is so bad; he takes them up on FM 775. Homeowner does have his own hot rod and does work on friend's hot rods, but does not run a business.

  • Dogs at 114 Scenic Oak still unresolved as BOD member has not been able to find anyone at home when attempting to initiate contact.

New Business:

  • 18 Wheeler parked on FM 775, again; Charlie will stop and talk to him.

  • Discussion about how we track and keep up with fines. Charlie has a system, but it was agreed that future forms imposing fines have a copy filed with Sec or Tres to better track them. There are no outstanding fines at this time.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:34pm.

Next meeting Sept 13, 2021, 6pm, location TBD.

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