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April 2022

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Board Meeting

 April 28, 2022 

127 Scenic Oak Dr. 

Meeting called to order at 6:10pm. Quorum established. 

Board Members present: Philip Vipond, President; Jim Mylius, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Sec.;  Charlie Johns, ACC chair; Karen Turner, Welcoming Co. chair. Absent- Art Morgan

Secretary's Report: The minutes from March 31, 2022 presented to the board members. Jim Mylius made a motion that the minutes be accepted as presented, Philip Vipond 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.  

Treasurer's Report: Month to date- Deposits: $1,238.23 Expenses: $497.18 

Checking balance: $20,751.52    Edward Jones: $38,719.48  Total Balance: $59,471.00   

Legal expenses breakdown according to case year to date: 

Wright-$2,841.00   Fricks-$350.00   I. Rodriguez-$350.00 Matay-$745.50 

One unpaid dues, a certified letter has been sent to owner and no response. Philip will call property  owner and if no answer it will be forwarded to the attorney to place a lien. 

Motion made to accept by Theresa Morehous, seconded by Philip Vipond. Motion passed 3-0 

A.C.C. Report- 214 Encino, request for 8x16 shed but we need the location it will be placed. 

151 Encino Oak-request for shed. Told it has to be 20’ away from fence line. Waiting reply has not been  approved. 

ACC meeting approx. next Wed., May 4th. Welcoming Committee will operate under the ACC committee.  Charlie will report for both committees. 

Old Business: 

• 214 Palo Verde, (DOV 3-11-2020) Fined $1,500, bal. of $1,300 and owes maint. dues. No progress on removing the structure. An invoice will be mailed. Philip will send an e-mail to owner.  

• Delinquent back maintenance, admin fees, and attorney fees for two homeowners. 118 Oak  Hollow and 105 Scenic Oak. Written statement for purpose of seeking foreclosure completed and given  to attorney.  

• 126 Encino, (DOV 2/21), Property has been gutted to studs on the inside and exterior has wrap  on it. Philip trying to get in contact with owner. 

• 18 wheeler at 11030 FM 775, a certified invoice will be mailed for fine. TXDOT issued a permit  for a 28’ driveway. Owner has not ceased and desist his business.  

• 118 Chaparral with pot belly pig and 2 large dogs chasing walkers and bikers. A certified  violation letter was mailed to owner on April 8th. Owner has till May 8th to complain or a $100 fine will  be imposed.  

• QuickBooks has been purchased and Jim has been inputting all information on owners and  account balances for 2022. 

• Tax returns for 2020 and 2021 have been filed and tax due of $26 has been mailed. 

• The Nonprofit Periodic Report was filed with the Texas Secretary of State and we are in good  standing till 2026. 

• Lawn service contract. The board advertised for new bids on lawn service for common areas.  Three bids were received and the lowest bid was accepted, which was with the current contractor, Kevin  Egyed. 

• Cluster mailboxes-Philip has had several meetings with the postmaster. The post office has  ordered a new cluster mailbox for the Chaparral location. It will take some time to arrive and then be  installed. The post office has to install the new unit. 

New Business:  

Community Yard Sale is set for Saturday, May 7th, 8-5. Signs will be put out on Sunday, May 1st .  It will be advertised in the Wilson County News, Facebook and Nextdoor. 

Theresa made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:20pm., Philip seconded. Motion passed 3 -0 

Next meeting May 26th at 6:00!

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