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Annual 2021 Meeting

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners’ Association Annual General Meeting
February 6, 2021
Oak Hills Community Center

Meeting called to order at 10:08 a.m., quorum established, 28 present, 5 proxies. All board members present, absent for official meeting, Theresa Morehous.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read by Rebecca Hopp from Feb. 1, 2020, where a quorum was not established. Motion to accept as read by Greg Goodwell, 2nd by Will Matay. Motion carried.
Minutes read by Rebecca Hopp from Feb. 15, 2020. Motion to accept as read by Jose Del and 2nd by Vicki Gilmore. Motion carried.

Presidents Report: It’s been a difficult year, but we maintained finances. The biggest problem in our association is that people are not looking after their dogs. Past Sheriff Joe Tackitt and also an area officer spoke on this matter in previous meetings. We are limited as a board on what we can do, as we are not allowed on others property without permission. Wilson County has a constant problem and no constable dedicated to the situation. If you encounter a loose dog, there are several things that you can do: keep calling the police every time you see a new loose dog, take the dog to a no kill shelter, and if a dog enters your property, you have the right to defend yourself and shoot the dog.

Treasurer’s Report: Account balances as of Jan 23, 2021:
checking $16,774.72 Edward Jones: $38,599.08 Total assets: $55,373.80

There are 2 properties with unpaid dues for multiple years. They both have been sent to the attorney and liens placed on their property for $36 annual maintenance fee, interest admin fee and legal fees.

An independent review completed by Larry Petts of the accounting records was read, dated Feb 1, 2021. All expenses were in agreement with the budget and account balances for 2020.

ACC Report: We have had requests for 6 carports, 5 pools, 4 new homes, 3 storage sheds and 4 garages. There have been some road improvements by the county and some still on their list. Solar panels and above ground pools do not need approval. Please send all requests to Charlie Johns, when in doubt ask rather than incur a fine and/or deconstruction later.

Welcoming Committee: Survey created to collect demographics of neighborhood in order to better serve and connect neighbors, link in winter newsletter. 25 Welcome letters and/or packages delivered. There was a private Facebook group created-Neighbors Estate at Eagle Creek. Yard of the Month established (for non-winter months and winter holiday).

New Business:
Board: Two board positions available, not for a particular position, the board decide positions. Theresa Morehous and Philip Vipond wish to remain on the board, additional volunteers came forward and all

were voted on.

Philip Vipond--22 Theresa Morehous--26 Will Matay--22 James McGarvey--8 Colleen Witek—8

Budget: The budget was presented and discussed. Will Matay volunteered to help with the website. Website costs include Blue Host, Wix and future maintenance. Motion was made to accept budget by Will Matay and 2nd by Tom Turner. Motion carried.

Yard Sale: Agreed to postpone to Oct 2021 due to COVID conditions. An ad will be placed in Wilson County News.

Open Discussion:

  • Discussed annual maintenance fee of $36. We would need 2/3 vote of all property owners to change it. Insurance is our biggest expense.

  • Discussed voting, concerning mailing or emailing votes.

  • Discussion about placing speed bumps. Safety issues, cost and location etc., were discussed.

  • Discharging firearms and hunting in a subdivision is not allowed. There is a Law: Trespass byProjectile, if an arrow comes onto your property, the game warden will prosecute for that.

  • Fine schedule is on the website. Requested that loose animal owners be fined.

  • Discussion on increasing horse trails. Karen Turner and Stacey Collins will be on committee.

  • 126 Encino- trashed house, drugs, people at all hours. Rental property, Rodney Fricks owner.Asking board to investigate, apply fines.

  • “Compound” Condominium- This home is under one roof and followed CC&R’s. Complaint waslooked into and the home followed CC&R guidelines.

  • Mechanic business- report of cars brought in by wrecker, increased traffic and people standingaround. ACC has visited property and spoke to the owner and all seems to be above board. Businesses can be run in the neighborhood.Motion made by Jose Del to adjourn meeting, Will Matay 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 11:21 a.m.

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