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2019 Annual Meeting

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Meeting called to order at 10:12 a.m.  Quorum established- 38 property owners, 13 proxy’s

Board members present: Philip Vipond, President; Art Morgan, 1st Vice President; Charlie Johns, 2nd Vice President; Karen Turner, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Secretary. 

Secretary’s report:    Minutes were read by Theresa Morehous from February 3, 2018.  Motion was made to accept as read by Jackie Carter and seconded by Colleen Witek.  Motion passed.

President’s Report:     Philip Vipond reported Ashley Chohlis resigned her position on the board in December and Art Morgan fulfilling her term. We have a continual problem with loose animals.

Treasurer’s report:     Karen Turner reported that two properties with past dues for 2018 and liens were placed on these properties.   We had a total of 8 transfer fees for 2018 totaling $1,200.   Still have 60 properties with unpaid dues for 2019.  Account balances as of 2/1/2019 for checking $24,148.47; savings $12,525.77. As of 1/19/2019 CD’s $5,326.82 and $5,289.11.  Edward Jones account- $35,000.00 Total accounts $47,290.17.  Karen reported that the 2 CD’s were moved from Wells Fargo to Edward Jones to get a better return.  Motion made to accept report by Colleen Witek and 2ND by Jose DeLeon.  Motion passed.
Karen presented the 2019 budget proposal. Motion was made to accept the 2019 budget proposal by Bill Hinze and 2ND by Tommie Morris.  37 for- 1 opposed, Motion passed.
Jackie Carter presented her independent review of the accounting records and stated that all expenses were in agreement with the budget and account balances for 2018.  She recommended that the board possible do a binding arbitration –vs- insurance to help with expenses.  A committee will be formed to research this and will be chaired by Jackie Carter.

ACC’S Report: 2018 request included 1 house; 6 fences; 4 garages and 2 sheds.


ACC:    Charlie Johns reported about continual problem with dogs.  Deputy Jeff Dugi from WC Sheriff’s dept. discussed the countywide problem.  2005 an animal ordinance was passed and they can give a citation for vicious dogs.  Homeowners need to be a voice and contact their commissioner.  Pct. 1 is Albert Gamez and Pct. 4 is Larry Wiley.  Homeowner’s rights if a dog is aggressive on your property- you can protect yourself from the dog, be responsible if firearms are used.  The POA Board is limited on what they can do.  They can notify the property owner of the violation, then place a fine and if violation is not corrected or fine not paid, a lien can be placed on the property.

New Business: Three positions on the board are up for election.  Philip Vipond, Theresa Morehous and Art Morgan wish to continue to be on the board and no other volunteer’s came forward.  Tom Turner made a motion to accept Philip, Theresa and Art on the board, seconded by Jackie Carter.  Motion passed. 
Yard sale will be May 4th.  The association will place an ad in the Wilson County News.
Discussion about CCR’s forbidding chickens and need 75% of property owners in agreement to change.  Jackie Carter had an interest into this issue. 
Mary Morey agreed to chair the welcoming committee.

Ruth Cawthon made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Jackie Carter.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m. 

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