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October 2023

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Inc
Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Life Church 7079 FM 775, La Vernia, Texas 78121

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. Quorum establish.

Board Members present: Sheldon Shed, President; Shawn Wall, 1st V.P.; Jim Mylius, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Secretary.

Non-board members present: 6 Property owners

Secretary’s Report:

· Sept 5th  minutes were read. Sheldon Shed made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Shawn Wall 2nd, motion passed 4-0.

Secretary Point of Order for Board Members and ACC Members:

Board Members

Place 1 expires Feb 2024 currently held by Theresa Morehous
Place 2 expires Feb 2025 currently vacant
Place 3 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Jim Mylius
Place 4 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Sheldon Shed
Place 5 expires Feb 2024 currently held by Shawn Wall


Place 1 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Charlie Johns, Chair
Place 2 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Josie Dollarhide
Place 3 expires Feb 2024 currently held by Nancy Wall

Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurer’s Report:

Balances as of Sept 30, 2023

Deposits: $710.29 Debits: $143.98

Checking balance: $16,720.71 Edward Jones: $39,260.06 

Report Balance: $55,980.77

Sheldon Shed made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Shawn Wall 2nd the motion. Motion passed 4-0.

2023 Budget is in need of revision. Several items on the budget have increased in price. Insurance has increased $1,400; maintenance of common areas has increased $600 and projected legal fees. After much discussion, Jim made a motion to add additional money to the budget for legal fees and insurance not to exceed $1380 in legal fees and $409 for insurance. Sheldon seconded, motion passed 4-0.

Recap of expenses on the issue of fowl in the EEC is $1,500.00.


· Welcoming Committee – NTR.

· 11030 FM 775 Tractor Trailer Traffic /Business Disruption Christopher L. Chapa 11030 FM 775, Lot 233. Violation of CCR’s 3.06. Ist violation letter will be mailed this week.

· 214 Palo Verde - 2.5 story unfinished structure - Josue Israel M. Rodriguez. Charlie will contact owner.

· 146 Montesito Lane, Lot 250 Anton J Balogh, Self-reported on Next Door that 1 rooster and 5 chickens had been killed by pack of dogs. 1st violation letter will be mailed this week.

· 114 Oak Hollow, Lot 114 Federico & Gloria, Self-reported on Next Door that she had lost 2 chickens. Ist violation letter will be mailed this week.

Reports of Special Committees –

· 775 Clean Up - Need a chairperson, combine efforts with Adopt a highway sponsors Stewart and Collins Family. Jim Mylius notes: trail turnout was low. Discussion on to continue with idea. Nancy Wall will try to contact the families before a decision is made.

· Riding Trail Clean Up – Thank you to James F Crane and Shannon Castillo who volunteered to be Co-Chairpersons – September 23, 2023 / September 30, 2023. Low attendance. Nancy will send thank notes.

Unfinished Business

· Past Due Annual Dues –1 Property Owner – Perez, 267 S. Palo Alto still show outstanding dues. Thank you to Jim Mylius for the extra effort, Jim is working with the Perez, so we may not have attorney fees for filing. Bryan Perez is asking the board to waive the late fees as he sent payment to Eagle Creek Ranch – this is still not paid. After a discussion, the board did not waive late fees.

· Violation Update - Anthony L & Maria D Alaniz-George were fined $200 on 09/01/2023. If the violation has not been remedied by 10/01/2023 a subsequent fine will be issued in the amount of $300. An email was sent on 09/28/2023 to see if any progress was made. Anthony George replied on 09/29/2023 and claims he is in compliance. A follow-up email was sent on 09/30/2023 asking Anthony George to provide an account of the number of animals he has including chickens, roosters, goats, and others excluding cats and dogs. After this information is received, a board member or ACC member will need to validate the claim. If in compliance, the fines will stop and this matter will be resolved, if not, the fines will continue until it is remedied. There has been no response to this email as of yet. An invoice will be sent with accrued fines.

· Lawsuit against the Estates at Eagle Creek POA brought by Anthony George on 09.08.2023 – A sheriff’s deputy served papers to the President of the Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners Association. The papers are for a lawsuit brought by Anthony George against the Estates at Eagle Creek POA. The insurance company carrying the Directors and Officers Policy was notified and a claim was made and accepted to defend this lawsuit. The lawsuit was answer and was filed on Friday September 22, 2023 by the appointed attorney’s representing the POA. Filed in Justice Court Precinct 1.

· Jim discussed Quick books pros and cons. Jim made a motion to discontinue using QB as an accounting system and go back to using Google doc. Shawn Wall 2ndthe motion, motion passed 4-0.

· Insurance Renewal on 10-01-2023

o Four Agencies were contacted to quote the business, quotes due back by 09/27/2023.

  • Teesha Zwicke-T.A.T Insurance Agency  Late Bid was not in on time, claims it will be ready 09/28/2023 – Did not   provide a quote.

  • Sandy Bakalyar/Sara Moreno INSURICA  $6,809.00 Total

  • Tom Hoatling Insurance Agency $7,568.00 He said it is not competitive

  • Tom Wilson Offenhauser & Co. -No Bid / No response

The board stayed with the current insurance, they provided the best premium.

New Business:

· Roaming pack of Dogs – It was reported that the Wilson County No Kill Shelter was actively trapping the dogs. You are welcome to call the Sherriff’s department, but they have not assisted up to this point.

· Downed Tree solicitation for removal in Horse trail. ACC will check the trail before we solicit help for tree removal.

· The Board had interest in moving monies from Wells Fargo to another facility. Jim will research banks and also another Investment company for better returns than at Edward Jones.

Closing Remarks:

As a courtesy and for smooth running meeting, please submit all new business to the President and Secretary at least 1 week prior to the meeting so it can be listed on the agenda.

Next meeting is Nov 7, 2023 at 6:00pm at Life Church of La Vernia, 7079 FM 775, La Vernia, Texas 78121.

Sheldon Shed made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:36 pm and Shawn Wall 2nd. Motion passed 4-0.

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