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June 2024

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Inc

Board Meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 2024

Life Church 7079 FM 775, La Vernia, Texas 78121

Meeting called to order at 6:02 p.m. Quorum establish

Board Members present: Sheldon Shed, President; James Mylius, Treasurer; Colleen Witek, 2nd VP., Theresa Morehous absent.

Non-board members present: 7 Property owners

Secretary’s Report:

May 7, 2024 minutes were read. Sheldon made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Jim 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

Secretary Point of Order for Board Members and ACC Members:

Board Members

Place 1 expires Feb 2026 currently held by Theresa Morehous

Place 2 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Colleen Witek

Place 3 expires Feb 2025 currently held by James Mylius

Place 4 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Sheldon Shed

Place 5 expires Feb 2026 currently vacant


Place 1 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Charlie Johns, Chair

Place 2 expires Feb 2025 currently held by Josie Dollarhide

Place 3 expires Feb 2026 currently held by Brian Morehous

Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurer’s Report:

Balances as of May 31, 2024

Deposits: $445.23 Debits: $445.72

Checking balance: $12,146.24 Edward Jones: $40,278.28

Report Balance: $52,424.52

Sheldon made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Colleen 2nd the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Currently 1 unpaid yearly maintenance dues Letter being prepared and going out.

Maintenance Fees are still late 7-June

Third notice: notice of assessment lien; cannot be sent until at least 90 days after the second notice was sent.

$ 36.00 - maintenance Fee

$ 150.00 - administrative fee

$ 8.73 - certified letter fee

$ 30.00 - file lien

$ 7.00 - notary fee

$ 30.00 - release lien

$ 7.00 - notary fee

$268.73 – Total

Resale Certificates

• 210 Palo Verde – not closed as of 4.11.2024

• 139 Scenic Oak DR-was for sale, no longer for sale but have new residents. Jim will look into the transfer fee for this location.

Review of CC&R’s – Updates

  •  Committee Members: Anthony Archer and Philip Vipond.

  • 83 returned survey responses out of 266 property owners. Discussion of results.


  • 135 Montesito- ducks present. Committee unsuccessful in contacting owner. 1st letter of violation will go out. First notice went out June 5th, 2024.

  •  214 Encino- Fowl present.

  • 242 S Palo Alto-chickens. Homeowner Stacy Collins present. Resident admits to be in violation of the CCRs and has no intention of getting rid of her eight (8) chickens. She states she has had chickens for 5 years. The resident referred to the recent law suit about chicken and 4-H programand that she should be able to raises chickens as well. She intends to research the courtdocuments and follow suit. Sheldon will share the court findings with the resident.  When proof is show of FFA membership, the violation will be dismissed, but she is still restricted to 5chickens total, not per child.

  • 255 S Palo Alto-ducks. . Homeowner Lisa Knight present. Charlie indicated he has not been able to get by to see if there were any ducks. Lisa stated she has no control over the migrant ducks and geese that stop by on her property. Sheldon agreed and requested the violation be removed.

Unfinished Business

  •  11030 FM 775 –Christopher L. Chapa 11030 FM 775, Lot 233 – Tractor Trailer Traffic /Business Disruption / Safety – update resident denying all violations. Sheldon spoke to Mr. Chapa, by telephone prior to tonight’s meeting, and thanked him for finding an alternative place to park his trucks. Sheldon told Mr. Chapa that he would offer a motion to the board to suspend his current violation fees of $1500.00 but that they would be immediately reinstated and further action would be taken if the trucks appeared back on the property. Mr. Chapa told Sheldon that he would occasionally need to bring his tractors on his property. Mr. Chapa agreed to theseconditions. Jim had a strong disagreement and expressed his concerns of Mr. Chapa  followingthe provisions. Jim read CCR 3.06, which prohibits having tractors on the property to begin with. Jim recommended that Amy provide a letter on the board’s behalf to outline the specifics of the release of the violation fines. Sheldon moved for an approval to move forward and hold the violation charges in abeyance since Mr. Chapa has agreed to and moved his trucks. Colleen 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

  • 214 Palo Verde - 2.5 story unfinished structure - Josue Israel M. Rodriguez. Plans were presented at the hearing Mr. Rodrigues requested. He is to submit the Property Improvement Request Form for the final approval. This has not been submitted yet.

  • 171 Montesito- neighbors working out damage caused to a fence from a tree. Resolved.

New Business:

  • Stacy Collins is concerned about traffic in the area and Lisa Knight totally agreed. There is a gentleman who does home vehicle repairs in his garage in the evenings. There are flatbed trucks, about bi-weekly, dropping off vehicles. Charlie stated he has been by a few times and has seen nothing of sort. It was suggested that Stacy or Lisa provide photos of the situation for the ACC to act upon.

  •  Lisa Knight is concerned about private property fences that are leaning really bad and have fallen into the horse trails and need to be fixed. This has not been validated by ACC but will be added to their list.

  • Colleen obtained 9 bids from contractors to mow the 6 entrances of the subdivision. The current contractor did not wish to give a bid. Board approved Vida Landscapes LLC for $300 a month. Sheldon moved to approve the contract and Jim 2nd. Passed 3-0.

  •  The vacancy for Treasurer continues to exist. Jim stated he will continue to look for areplacement, but he will only assist with the  books till the end of this year.

  • Jim inquired if he could pressure wash the entrance signs as they are quite dirty. Both Sheldon and Colleen agreed.

  • CD has matured. Question is do we want to renew the CD or transfer the money within Edward Jones? Sheldon was going to contact Andy at Edward Jones and discuss options available

Closing comments:

  •  As a courtesy and for smooth running meeting, please submit all new business to the President and Secretary at least 1 week prior to the meeting so it can be listed on the agenda.

Sheldon made a motion to adjourn 7:25 pm and Colleen seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Minutes were taken by the VP2, Colleen, as our Secretary was absent. Sheldon made a motion to adjourn 7:07 pm and Colleen seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0

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