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July 2023

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Inc

Registered Office: 127 Scenic Oak Drive

Floresville, Texas 78114

Board Meeting: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Meeting Held at: Life Church of La Vernia

7079 FM 775, La Vernia, Texas 78121

Call to order at 6:01 pm. Quorum established.

Board Members present: Sheldon Shed, President; Shawn Wall, 1st V.P.; Adam Paige, Treasurer; Theresa Morehous, Secretary.

Non-board members present: 14 Property owners

Sheldon Shed explained the expectations of the meeting and that an agenda will be followed.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes were read from June 06, 2023. Edward Bernal wanted the minutes corrected to state he was voted out before he resigned.  Sheldon Shed made a motion to accept the minutes as read with the exception of the correction that Edward Bernal requested. Shawn Wall 2nd, motion passed 4-0

  •  Minutes were read from the called meeting June 20, 2023. Sheldon Shed made a motion to accept as read, Shawn Wall 2nd, motion passed 4-0.

Treasurer Report:

  • Available balance-$15,857.17

  • Edward Jones: $39,683.60

  • Check #1180 $1,500.00 -Retainer Replenish Law office of Amy M. McLin, P.C.

  • Quick books online monthly rate has increased from $58/Month to $60/Month

  •  Wix Team - email account - Bank Card has been re-established for payment

  •  Payment to Kevin Egyed on July 1, 2023 - $250 Entry Maintenance

  •  FELPS – Payment is due – auto Pay

Sheldon Shed made a motion to accept the Treasurers Report, Shawn Wall 2nd. Motion passes 4-0.

Architectural Control Committee:

  • Welcoming Committee – Nonexistent, will post on website and social media to solicit volunteers. (Plan to fill – ACC member to report out)

  •  Gate Request - Michael Coscetti - 11230 FM 775 – Approved

  • Camper Shed Request – Curtis & Vonda Bell – 10579 FM 775 – Approved

  • Fence and Gate – Sheldon Shed – 120 Scenic Oak Drive -Approved

Unfinished Business:

  • Website and Email -Tuned up and working properly

  • Maintenance Contract to mow entrances to The Estates at Eagle Creek expired – 3 bids were solicited. Kevin Egyed was selected. Contract Signed, Runs from July 1, 2023 – June 31, 2024. First payment will be due July 1, 2023 -$250, monthly on the first of every month. Approved budget was $2,400.00 annually, we will be at a deficit of -$600.

  1. Travis Svoboda $360 each time

  2. Mom & Pop's Lawn Service $400 each time If Paid in full

  3. Mom & Pop's Lawn Service $550 each time If paid each mowing

  4. Kevin Egyed $250 each time

  • Past Due Annual Dues – 21 Notices sent out certified mail, 15 property owners provided proof of payment or it was found in the  deposit book, 6 Property Owners still show outstanding dues. Next round of mailings will go out July 2023.

  •  Insurance Policies: - will be getting bids before renewal. 3 Policies with Account Manager - Sandy Bakalyar

  • 0250624424 Continental Casualty Company CNA Center, 151 North Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60606 Community Association Policy $2,540.00  Due-10/01/2023

  • PHPK2452561 Philadelphia Insurance Companies One Bala Plaza, Suite 100 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 Commercial Lines Policy$3,343.00  Due-10/01/2023

  • PHUB828541 Philadelphia Insurance Companies  One Bala Plaza, Suite 100 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004  Commercial Lines Policy Umbrella  $459.00  Due-10/01/2023

New Business:

  •  Robert Gooding Submitted his resignation via email on 06/07/2023. His board position is now open. His term would have ended in February 2025.

  •  Anthony George submitted a letter of resignation on 06/09/2023 to follow up his actions on the meeting of 06/06/2023

  •  Anthony George submitted a letter under the subject of 114 Palo Verde Chickens on 06/14/2023. The president consulted the POA attorney and responded back to Anthony George on 06/15/2023. Our CC&R’s are clear on fowl. The president urged Mr. George to comply with the CC&R’s.

  • Anthony George responded by email to Notice of Violation on 06/26/2023, the President replied to his acknowledgment and urged him to comply.

  • Resale Certificate was requested for a sale at 226 South Palo Alto. It was sent to Octavia Galerston at Murray Guaranty Title Company on 06.16.2023.

  • Anthony George asked who was complaining about his chickens. This information is confidential. There was a discussion of the husbandry of animals including the number of animals, combinations and requirements of programs with 4-H and the Fancy Feather Program.

  • It was once again discussed on how to change CC&R’s.

  • When a realtor calls Charlie, ACC Chair, about chickens, he tells them they are not allowed.

  •  Suggestion of a neighborhood cleanup for the roads. Melanie Paige volunteered to chair this committee.

Closing Remarks:

  • As a courtesy and for smooth running meeting, please submit all new business to the President and Secretary at least 1 week prior to the meeting so it can be listed on the agenda.

  •  Motion was made to adjourn at 6:47 by Sheldon Shed and 2nd by Shawn Wall. Motion passed 4-0.

Next meeting is August 1, 2023 at 6:00pm at Life Church of La Vernia, 7079 FM 775, La Vernia, Texas 78121.

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