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January 2023

Click the below to download the board minutes.

The Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners' Association Board Meeting

January 12, 2023

127 Scenic Oak Dr.

Meeting called to order at 6:04pm. Quorum established.

 Non board members present: Charlie Johns, ACC Chair; Karen and Tom Turner, property ownerser; Theresa Morehous, Sec.; Shawn Wall, 2nd V.P.

Non board members present: Charlie Johns, ACC Chair; Karen and Tom Turner, property owners

Karen and Tom Turner discussed concerns of a fence. The fence is not in any violations of the ACC. Several solutions were suggested, but   Karen stated they choose not to accept them. Charlie and Shawn

will look into finding a resolution. Karen also wanted changes in a motion in the November 2022 minutes. These minutes have been voted  on and accepted and legally they cannot be changed. It will be

Secretary's Report: The minutes from December 8, 2022 presented to the board members. Art Morgan made a motion that the minutes be  accepted as presented, Jim Mylius 2nd. Motion passed 5 -0.

Treasurer's Report:

Dec 31, 2022-

Deposits: $2924.92 Debits: $1833.58

Checking balance: $11,160.87 Edward Jones :( 12/31/2022) $37,884.72

Total Balance: $49,045.59

Motion made to accept by Theresa Morehous, seconded by Art Morgan. Motion passed 5-0

ACC Report: One request to add to a current fence.

Old Business:

  •  126 Encino Dr. – resolved.

  •  114 Palo Verde (DOV6/22) reports of chickens and rooster. No chicken present any more. Resolved.

  •  Discussion of management certificate. Philip made a motion to increase the resale certificate to $325. Art Morgan 2nd. Motion passed 5-0. Philip made a motion to charge $75 for an updated resale certificate. Shawn Wall 2nd. Motion passed 5-0.

New Business:

  •  Budget proposal was discussed. Proposal will be updated and emailed out for a vote.

  •  3 board positions will be up for election at the AGM.

Next meeting will be scheduled at the AGM.

Shawn made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:24pm and Philip2nd. Motion passed 5-0

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