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February 2023 Called Meeting

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners’ Association

Board Meeting

February 4, 2023

Wilson County Emergency District #2 Station

Meeting called to order at 9:33 A.M. Quorum established.

Board members present: Philip Vipond, president; Arthur Morgan, 1st vice president, Shawn Wall, 2ndvice president; Theresa Morehous, secretary.

Meeting called to discuss the revised budget proposal for 2023. The budget was discussed.

Art Morgan made a motion to accept the proposed budget for 2023, Shawn Wall 2nd. Motion passed 4-0


Theresa Morehous made a motioned to adjourn the meeting, Philip Vipond 2nd. Motion passed 4-0.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 A.M.

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