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2023 Annual Meeting

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners’ Association

Annual General Meeting

February 4, 2023

Wilson County Emergency District #2 Station

Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m. Quorum established 28 in attendance, 8 proxies.

Board members present: Philip Vipond, president; Arthur Morgan, 1st vice president, Shawn Wall, 2nd vice president; Theresa Morehous, secretary.

Secretary’s report: The minutes from February 12, 2022 were read by Theresa Morehous. Collen Witek made a motion that the minutes be approved as presented, Brian Morehous 2nd the motion. Motion

passed unanimously.

President’s Report: Philip Vipond updated member on the status of 126 Encino. The property has made improvements. It is not complete, but much better than it had been. Lights were installed on the community mailboxes on Chaparral and S Palo Alto Dr. Thank you to Will Matay and his family for the donation and installation of these lights. 

The laws  have changed for HOA’s and we are now incompliance. We filed the By-Laws that had not been previously filed when amended and the Management Certificated has been filed. We have changed lawyers to one that specializes in HOA’s. The board meets once a month and communicates throughout the month.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently our checking account has a balance of $16,765.65 pending PayPal deposits. Our current treasurer resigned on January 12. We know have Quick books for our accounting.

A review of the treasurer records was completed by Colleen Witek; she stated in her letter that the conciliation was accurate. Philip has  looked at 15 different management companies. The association cannot afford  their fees at $9.500/year.

ACC Report: Charlie Johns, ACC Chairman, reported he has had request for sheds and swimming pools. The main problem with swimming pools it to make sure you have them 20’ from the property line. He has been working on potholes in the subdivision. Montesito, Scenic Oak and Palo Verde have been completed. Chaparral and S Palo  Alto are next; he is working with the commission on this.

New Business:

Board of directors: 3 positions available and 1 position to fill a vacancy for 1 year. 

The following individual ran:

Edward Bernal- 19 votes-term expires February 2024

Robert Gooding- 21 votes-term expires February 2025

Anthony George-21 votes-term expires February 2025

Kris Hawk-22 votes-term expires February 2025

ACC Committee-The committee consist of 3 individuals, 2 serving a 2 yr. term and 1 serving a 1 yr. term.

The following individuals ran:

Charlie Johns 22 votes-2 year term-expires Feb 2025

Josie Dollarhide-22 votes-2 year term-expires Feb 2025

Nancy Wall=21 votes-1 year term-expires Feb 2024

The proposed budget was discussed. Collen Witek made a motion to accept the 2023 proposed budget, Mary Morey 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

Yard Sale will be May 6th, 2023

Open discussion:

Discussion about holding monthly meetings at a public location. The expense has to be considered, currently no allocation for this expense. A suggestion of doing a Zoom meeting and property owners

can a link to access the meeting.

Discussion about the driveway to the street eroding away. We, as property owners, have to take care of this sometimes.

Paul Witek made motioned to adjourn the meeting, Nancy Wall 2nd.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:09 A.M.

*Minutes approved at annual meeting Feb. 3, 2024.

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