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AGM Minutes Feb. 22

Click the below to download the board minutes.

Estates at Eagle Creek Property Owners’ Association 

Annual General Meeting
February 12, 2022

Wilson County Emergency District #2 Station

Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m. Quorum established 19 in attendance, 9 proxies.

Board members present: Philip Vipond, president; Arthur Morgan, 1st vice president, Charlie Johns, 2nd vice president; Theresa Morehous, secretary; Karen Turner, treasurer.

Secretary’s report: The minutes from February 6, 2021 have been distributed to members of the association before the meeting to look over. Will Matay made a motion that the minutes be approved as presented, Fred Cardenas 2nd the motion. Motion passed.

President’s Report: Philip Vipond stated it was a trying year. We had the typical problems, especially with dogs, fining people of nonpayment of dues. We have 2 foreclosures of home for nonpayment of dues. We have 2 board positions available this year, looking for a treasurer. The board meets once a month and communicates throughout the month. Thank you to our current treasurer, Karen Turner, for 5 years of service.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently our checking account has a balance of $21,034.18
Edward Jones: $39,010.66 Total Balance: $60,044.84

Jim Mylius made a motion to accept treasurer’s report, Mary Smart 2nd the motion. Motion passed.

Independent review of the treasurer records was completed by James McGarvey. He submitted a letter dated Jan 24, 2022 stating that no evidence of impropriety was found in the review.

ACC Report: Charlie Johns, ACC Chairman, reported about potholes in the subdivision. We have a new commissioner, Martin. He will be working with him to try and fix more potholes. The commissioner is limited on manpower. Charlie has asked that material be left at a location so we can take care of the potholes ourselves. Currently we are waiting on a reply.

Request this year for improvements include: 2 new homes on 775; 2 fences on Palo Alto, a garage on Montesito and 2 swimming pools. There have been complaints about chickens on Encino but that has been resolved.

Update on 145 Chaparral: The board received a letter from Jackie Wright attorney requesting a substantial amount of money. It was stated that this money was due because the property at 145 Chaparral devalued Ms. Wright’s property. Our attorney replied to her attorney and we have not received any reply. The current owners of 145 Chaparral spoke and stated that they also received aletter from Ms. Wright’s attorney. They have yet to receive a reply as well. He stated he went to the appraisal office and they corrected the way that they had his house classified on the records.

126 Encino: Philip stated he has talked to the owner and he has ordered windows and intends to move into the house. We have fined the owner but he is dragging his feet. Both the owner and Philip have tried to contact the subcontractor and have not got any response. Out attorney is sending another

letter to force the issue. He is currently past due on his maintenance dues as well. It is very frustrating as a board; there is only so much we can do. A current property owner suggests we go to the next step. It was suggested that neighbors of this house call the county building and safety office. The more people we have calling the county, it may bring the attention we need to get something done with this structure. Neighbors of this residence need to take action as well. Call and complain!

New Business:

Board of directors: 2 positions available. Three people wish to run for position.
Will Matay- 4 votes Jim Mylius-14 votes +9 proxy votes Charlie Johns-14 votes + 9 proxy votes

2 new board positions will be filled by Jim Mylius and Charlie Johns. Karen Turner will no longer be on the board.

Karen Turner presented the 2022 proposed budget. Discussion and questions answered. Simon Morales made a motion to accept the proposed 2022 budget, Paul Witek seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Welcoming Committee: We are in need of a new chair for the committee. Rebecca Hopp did an excellent job chairing this position but resigned in January. Karen Turner volunteered for the position.

Yard Sale will be May 7th, 2022

Open discussion: Will Matay discussed the ACC and wanted to know who was on the committee and why there was only 1 member currently an also sited Art V, 5.2 of the EECPOA By-laws. Philip stated that there was only one member on the committee due to lack of anyone volunteering. Josie Dollarhide, Karen Turner and Will Matay wish to be on the committee with Charlie John as chair. Philip took a show of hands voting all 4 individuals on the committee. Majority voted.

*Note EECPOA By-laws, Art V 5.2 states “There shall be three members on the Architectural Control Committee that are elected by the membership for a term of two years. The terms shall be staggered so that all three positions will not become vacant in the same year to allow for continuity on the board.”

In order to comply with the EECPOA By-laws, at the next AGM, 2/2023, the four current individuals, and any others that may wish to run, will be voted on, and the top 3 will be the committee. Of these three, the top 2 will complete the 2 yr. term and the 3rd one being a 1 yr. term, to comply with the staggered term as stated.

Mr. Morris asked about possible putting a light at the two mailboxes on Chaparral and S Palo Alto that have covers. Charlie and Will will do research on types and cost of lights that are available.

Tom Turner motioned to adjourn the meeting, Paul Witek 2nd. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m.

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